Cloudification with AWS

Rapidly and successfully migrate your applications, data, and infra to the AWS with minimal interruptions and near-zero downtime.
Unlock the full potential of the cloud by embracing a cloud native mindset.

How Will You Approach Your Cloud Journey?

Our pipeline-driven approach and innovative platform tooling enables us to move customer workloads quickly, efficiently, affordably – and with predictable results. Most importantly, we work with customers to avoid wasteful and undifferentiated outcomes delivered by typical lift-and-shift migrations.

Phase 1 | Assessment

We leverage AWS migration best practices to help you work through any migration challenges. We'll conduct a Cloudification Assessment so your business is aware of their cloud readiness.

Phase 2 | Cloud-Native

Re-platform your applications to take full advantage of cloud technologies from day one, delivering the full promise of the cloud -- cost, scale, and reliability.

Phase 3 | Everything as Code

Rather than migrating virtual machines, Everything as Code builds automated delivery pipelines and a long-term operating model beyond the migration.

Phase 4 | Migration Factory

We’ll begin migrating your applications, ensuring that all applications have been tested. Once your applications are in the cloud, we’ll optimize your AWS environment for spend and performance.

Skechers Turkey AWS Transformation Case Study

Skechers is one of the leader companies on sneakers category in the world. Commerce Lab is developing Skechers Turkey’s e-commerce platform. .NetCore. Scalability, zero downtime deployment and high availability are our most important keywords in the project. With the support and agile approach of Commerce Lab founder Onur Kemer and CTO İsmail Danacı, we successfully implemented the AWS transformation and application modernization.

Kolay ik AWS Transformation Case Study

KolayIK is the first cloud-based personnel management software in Turkey. It aims to manage HR processes such as personnel management, performance evaluation, payroll and shift management on a single software. Since all the employee sensitive data are on the KolayIK security, scalability, zero downtime deployment and high availability are our keywords for this migration project. Here you can see the details about our AWS transformation case study. Enjoy your read!

Boyner NOW - Going Live Case Study

Boyner NOW is a project by Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık A.Ş. which is designed to eliminate the gap in the e-commerce market and to maximize customer satisfaction. Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık A.Ş. is one of the leading non-food retail and ecommerce groups in Turkey. The main purpose of Boyner NOW is; to ensure that customers reach the products they need as quickly as possible.